Thursday, February 3, 2011

Rough times

Hello My lovely blog
sorry i never blog for too tooooo long .This few days was the rough times i have for so long. fighting with Cammy baby and my parents fight for 3days and friends backstabbing me if you don't like me you can just fuck off no need to be a two face bastard and you call me fat did you see yourself now how fat you are right now haha eh brother
Ader Pergi Ader Balik'Paham sial?
i am seriously lost i don't know how i get into this mess i don't why this happen to me all the time but maybe this is a god test never mind i tolerate and tolerate tolerate -_- i fight with Cammy this few days because i was jealous she being too close with her friend and is a guy i feel like whacking one of her friend for being too close with her and messaging her and she cover her friends butt but its ok but even though i was hurt so badly inside i will just act normal but yesterday i was so stress that i go out of the stupid house and meet Pozy,Is and Bobby they always give the best advice they advice me to just tolerate and advice me just give her freedom and let her do whatever what she want because i love her i let her do whatever she want to.As long you are happy im happy baby..
i just need to control my temper and need to relax all i know i want to study study study i don't care i need try harder this time i wanna go higher ni-tech and i need to..if i fail i will try harder this stupid problem will just make me stronger so no need to worry this month me and baby gonna be 2years im so happy..Cammy Baby i need you so badly.things change since 2011 comes..i miss the old times when you play around my hair when we lying down on the bed and the way you always tickle and make me laugh I Love you no matter what happen i wanna get old with you sayang
Aku Rindu Kau Bodoh=(

Saturday, July 17, 2010

I feel so bad

Hello Bloggers
updating now,this few days i have fun slacking with zieqahh and hidayat haha so sweet couple they two...Love hang in out with them again and yesterday play pool at zieqah Condor with them and syakir,darrel,syuk,and my baby play for 2hours im so piss off hurrrr!!!!last game then i win.I got the feeling syuk give me a chance-.- anyway today im so tired i don't know why and i fight with cammy im sorry i scold you i feel that everytime there's an event and i wanna bring you out.You confm busy.Ì know i know you don't want this to happen too,but you choose to go..but never mind i go celebrate with my friend like always=)
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